Thursday, January 20, 2011


On Tuesday, we got our first sketching project called derive. We were split into groups of three people, eache group was given a random metro stop on the outskirts of the city, that was our starting point. We had to wander our way back to our studio in the center of the city without any direction. We were allowed to look at our map only at the very beginning to get an idea of the direction we had to go, other than that we had to determine our path based on our surroundings. My group started at the Barberini metro stop, which was right across the street from the Fountain of Triton, so of course we spent a good half hour sketching that.

After that we wandered our way to the Spanish Steps (which of course were in the wrong direction, but none of us had been there yet). They were absolutely incredible and I'm glad we ended up at that top so we could walk down them and no up. We spent a long time sketching here as well, probably over a half hour, before we continued.

After our stop at the Spanish Steps we began to actually do our wandering. I couldn't tell you the route we took from there, and in fact I looked at a map to try to recreate it and I couldn't, but it turned out very well. We wandered for a little, not knowing where we were, stopping in some beautiful churches, and trying to avoid shopping streets so Kelly wasn't tempted. Eventually we found THE BEST gelato place and, without even knowing, ended up right in front of the Pantheon. Of course, I had to photograph and sketch the dome.

The dome is absolutely incredible, I would love to be there when it is pouring or snowing to see a column of rain or snow falling inside. After we left the Pantheon, we walked for a few more minutes, went into another church, and passed by some Italian sailors before finally making our way back to studio and Campo De Fiori.

All in all, it took a little over four hours and was a lot of fun, now we have to put everything we experienced together into a presentation for February 15, a week after we get back from Northern Italy (which we leave for next weekend)! Hopefully that will go as well as he walk itself. Oh, and here are my sketches.

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