Friday, January 21, 2011

Project One

Project one is well under way, in fact it has been for almost two weeks and it is due Wednesday. If you didn't know, our first project is to analyze a piazza somewhere in Rome, which was assigned to us randomly. Today me and Marisa finally put pencil to our FINAL paper and it looks great, after two weeks of studying, information gathering, underlays, and diagrams after diagrams, we are finally starting our final product. It's pretty nerve wracking, but the underlays look great and our layout has come together nicely, it's production time! Hopefully it turns out well...

Anyway, jury for project one is on Wednesday and project starts Tuesday. On Friday, we leave for a week long trip to Northern Italy, I can't believe it is hear so quickly. This is the first of our three week long trips, this one is to Northern Italy, next is to Istanbul, and our last is to Southern Italy. There is a lot to get done before we leave (I'm doing laundry right now in fact so I have enough clothes) but it'll be here real soon and I'm excited!

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